Apr. 14th, 2012 12:01 pm
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Turning Tables: In this verse, which is co-written by [ profile] gonnaprotectem, Emily moves to Kings County, Georgia to be an RN at the local hospital. One of her duties is to provide medical care to inmates at the county jail. She meets Rick Grimes, and the two become best friends, often spending time together to fill the void of loneliness both feel. Then one weekend, they overstep the boundaries of friendship and sleep together, leaving both feeling guilty since Rick is still married. As they live with the guilt of what happened, the world starts to fall apart – first when Rick is shot, followed by the virus outbreak. Now, they’re fighting for their lives, while trying their best to keep Rick’s son Carl safe from the Hell they’ve been thrown in.

Walk The Line: In this verse, which is co-written by [ profile] amnotshortround, Emily accidentally sends a text message to the wrong person and meets Glenn in the process. The two start a friendship through texts, emails and phone calls. When the virus breaks out, Emily races to Atlanta to meet up with him, but stops when he tells her it’s not safe. They eventually find each other, and come together to face this new world of walking corpses.

If you would like a verse, please leave a comment. While I prefer to play Emily after the virus outbreak, I will play her before if the plot is good.


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