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Cursing while drying off her phone.

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Helen heard her daughter cursing as she was walking past, so she stopped and looked in to see her. "Sweetheart? Are you all right?" she asked in concern.
Emily was about to rip her phone apart when her mum walked in. Looking over at her, she sighed. "I guess. After I went to the kitchen, I saw that Mr. Grimes had left his umbrella in the foyer. I went out to give it to him - mind you, this is after he'd turned down my offer to go to a football match with him -, and on my way back in, I got a message from Myka and I dropped my bloody phone in a puddle," she growled.

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When Emily told her what had happened with Rick Grimes, Helen raised her eyebrows before stepping in to rest her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know you were hoping he'd say yes," she said before shaking her head.

She didn't understand exactly what was going on with Rick. He seemed like a nice enough man, but for some reason, he was quite distant, especially when Emily was around.

"Is there something I can do to help?"

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Emily shrugged, tgrying to pretend it didn't matter. It wasn't like Rick was the first man to tell her no. It was the way it was, even if it hurt more than she was letting on.

"It doesn't matter anymore. I'll take Pete since he's always asking what an English football match is like. And, I'm sure I'll have more fun with him, and Myka will enjoy a night off from him."

She then looked down at the mobile and sighed. "I think I read once that rice is good at getting water out of mobiles," she said.

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Helen simply nodded, knowing that Emily was right - this was just the way it was. Of course, she supposed it shouldn't have surprised her. The PM knew that they had supported Harriet Jones and her party, not him, so she was rather sure that he didn't like them because of that.

"You'll have a wonderful time with Pete, I'm sure," she told her.

One of the days, Helen had a feeling that she might end up kicking Rick if he kept this attitude up.

When she mentioned that rice was suppose to help, she told her she'd be right back and hurried to the kitchen to get the container of rice and some paper towel, which she brought back.

"Here you go, love," she told her, setting it down. "Let's see if this works."

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Don't worry Helen, Emily was thinking he needed a swift kick, too. Even though she knew she would instantly feel bad if she did. That was how much she liked Rick, and the wanker acted like she was nothing more than a colleague.

Maybe he was gay.

As her mum when to get the rice, Emily took the phone apart, She gave her mum a smile when she returned before she put the parts on the paper towels, and sprinkled some of the rice over them.

"Hopefully this works. Thank gods Dad makes us back everything up. Annoying as it is, it might save all my contacts," she said.

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While Emily sprinkled the rice into the phone parts, Helen picked up her tablet from where she had put it down and tapped on the screen to bring up some inventory information.

"You know how your Dad is," she said with a soft laugh. "Of course, after what happened to him, he doesn't want to take a chance of ever losing his work again, and he doesn't want it to happen to any of us either."

She then looked over at her once she found the information she was looking for. "We still have some new phones in the electronics room, so if we can at least rescue your sim card, we can switch that in to one of them."

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"I'm surprised he hasn't ripped anyone's head off yet. Especially Addison's," Emily said as she sat down and poked at her phone as the rice tried to do its job. "I think a lot of people would pay to see him do it."

It was becoming obvious the rice wasn't going to work so Emily pulled out her sim card and sighed.

"I think we're going to need to go down and get a new mobile. Let's hope the sim card still works," she said as she stood. "I should send that prat a bill for all of this."

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"Oh, give him time. If he's ever in the same room with that prat again, I have a feeling he will," Helen remarked, truly hating what SCIU had done to her husband.

When Emily said that it looked like the phone was a lost cause, Helen nodded and stood up with her. "Let's go see what we can find then," she said as they headed down the electronic storage room. At her comment about sending Rick a bill, she found herself snorting softly. "Well, perhaps that's one way to get his attention. I have to say, I'd actually like to see his reaction to that."

Helen certainly did have an evil steak at times, especially when it came to someone who was driving her daughter mad. And she did have to say that Rick's aloofness was rather off-putting at times.


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