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Gods, I need a fucking shower.

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Rick nodded as he ran his hand up and down her back, letting out a small sigh. They hadn't been able to have a shower since leaving the prison, and after having been fairly comfortable so many years, it had been difficult to adjust to, like the first months after the plague had hit.

"Same here. Part of me wants to have Glenn pull up at the next city so we can go searching for something."

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They were able to wash their hands and face with the water they had brought with them, but that was it. It was weird, especially since they are on water but couldn't use any of it. Looking at her husband, she nodded. "You know, Hannibal, Missouri should be coming up here pretty soon. I know the town pretty well because my dad used to bring us there since it's Mark Twain's birthplace. We might find some running water there, or maybe some of those bath wipes they use in hospitals," she said.

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When Emily mentioned that Hannibal was just up the river since they had passed St. Louis - and several walkers in the water - not that long ago, Rick nodded at her suggestion.

"That sounds like a good idea. You knowing the town and it being smaller than St. Louis should make it a lot easier to deal with," he said. Especially since most people had headed for the cities, leaving a lot of towns fairly deserted. "Be right back."

He ran up to the wheelhouse to speak to Glenn briefly, and a few minutes later, he came back down, giving her a smile. "Next stop - Hannibal, Missouri."

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"Good," Emily said before she watched as Rick went up to the wheel room to speak to Glenn. She was pretty sure the other man would say yes since they were running out of supplies and needed to restock. While it had been five years, she had to believe they could find something.

When Rick came back, she smiled and nodded. "Let's go tell the rest and get some bags in case we find something," she said.

An hour later, they were pulling up to Hannibal and all of them got off the boat. Since they didn't want anyone to take the boat, Ellie and a couple others decided to stay behind.

"There's a medical store up the road," she said as she started to walk. The town looked like it had been spared from a lot of the initial looting. "Don't grab any medicine since it'll be expired, but grab anything else. Especially look for no rinse body wipes."

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"Sounds like a good idea," Rick said, taking his wife's hand and going below deck with her.

When they arrived in Hannibal, they headed off ship, Carol and Aiden staying behind with Ellie, Kenzie and Katie. Hopefully, things would be safe enough, given how much time had passed, but he knew that they would be able to take care of things if something did.

It didn't take them long to reach the medical store, which looked to be clear of walkers. Rick knew he didn't have to tell Sophia and Carl to stay close by as they started combing through the store, looking for things.

"Found the wipes," Glenn said from a few aisles down.

"And there's bottled water here," Sophia said. "I can't reach it, though. It's too high."

Rick grabbed a cart and pushed it over to where Sophia was. Since it had been completely sealed, it was still good, so they put what they could in the cart.

"Hey, Mom. Are bandages all right to take?" Carl asked. "Since they're wrapped and all?"

Date: 2012-09-02 07:26 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] served4years.livejournal.com
Emily was glad to see there was a lot of things left in the store. She went over and started to pull some first aid kits off the shelves, sticking them in her bag. She could take the medicine out of them once they were back on the boat.

When Glenn said he found the wipes, and Sophia found water, she smiled. They would be able to clean up some that night.

"They should be fine, Carl. But make sure none of the packages are torn," she said. He nodded and started to look through the bandages, putting the good ones in the cart his dad had.

Soon they had everything they could get so they went back outside. There was a shoe store across the street that was still intact so they went over and went inside.

"We should all grab thick socks and boots for everyone since we're gonna be doin' a lot of walking. Ain't sure what everyone's size is so just grab and if they're too big, we can stuff bandages in the toe," Daryl said as everyone nodded.

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Rick grabbed some razors, very much wanting a shave and also knowing that they could be a help in other things as well. He then saw Carl pulling all the bandage packages that weren't torn or destroyed from all the time they had spent on the shelf, so he went over and let him dump them in the cart before making a quick check and grabbing a few other things.

Pushing the cart out of the shop, he followed them across the street to the shoe shop, nodding at Daryl's suggestion that they get boots and shoes. The shoes they had started out in had become pretty well worn by the time they had finally reached Memphis, so it would definitely be helpful to have new footwear for when they reached St. Paul.

"I think Katie'll like those boots," Carl said, pointing out a pair to his parents.

"Think you're right," Rick agreed before giving his wife a grin. Their son was always looking out for his sister.

He then helped him pick out a pair for himself while Glenn got what Ellie and Kenzie needed. After they had everything picked out and loaded up into the cart, they took a look up and down the street, getting some jackets from another one of the stores since they didn't know what the weather was going to be like further north.

As they started back toward the pier, Rick looked around. He'd always wanted to bring the kids up here since their grandfather had been such good friends with Mark Twain, but it didn't look like that was going to be something they could do. Not for a long time.

"Anything else we might need?" he asked

Date: 2012-09-03 06:07 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] served4years.livejournal.com
Emily smiled at Carl when he found a pair of boots for his sister, and took them off the shelf for him. Soon, everyone had what they needed, along several packages of socks since they'd needed them for the long walk from Redwood Falls to Canada.

As they walked through the town, Emily ran into a bookstore and grabbed some books for everyone since it could get rather boring on the boat. And when they grabbed the jackets, they also grabbed some nice backpacks that were made for hiking and climbing.

"I think that's it," Emily said.

"Man, Rick, ya look like a bag lady with that cart," Daryl said with a laugh.

When they got to the boat, they pushed the cart up the ramp, and onto the deck. It was obvious everyone wanted to look at what they got, but they knew they needed to be on the lookout while Glenn got the boat going again. And once they were on their way again, Emily helped Rick set everything out so people could grab their things.

"Everyone gets a backpack, and once we get closer to Redwood Falls, I'll show all of you how to properly pack 'em," Daryl said. "It'll make it easier to carry."

"I just want to wash up," Emily said as she grabbed some of the hospital wipes.

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"Oh, shut up. You do what you have to in the end of the world apocalypse," Rick told his friend, giving him a nudge with his shoulder.

Once they had the cart up on the boat, Rick made sure it was secured before heading to his watch spot to make sure that they hadn't attracted any walkers or even living people. Luckily, it looked like that had managed to keep from being spotted by anyone, and soon, they were back out on the river, heading upstream again.

After they had everything sorted out and divided up between everyone, Rick nodded with agreement with his wife's comment about washing up. "That sounds like a wonderful idea," he said before looking over at Emily. "Want some help?"

"Well, we're not going to see Mom and Dad for a couple of hours," Carl said with a laugh before ducking when Rick reached out to ruffle his hair.

"Smart astronaut," he told him.

"It's true," Katie said with a giggle as she pulled her new boots on before standing up to jump and down in them.

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When Rick asked his question, Emily smiled and opened her mouth to answer but before she could, their kids were adding their two cents to the mix. Looking over at them, she shook her head.

"Just remember, without us spending time alone, neither of you would be here right now," she said with a laugh.

"Man, according to this map, we're 350 miles from Redwing, Minnesota. We should be there in a couple days, maybe sooner," Daryl said. "Y'all ready to start walking and camping out?"

"I am," Katie said. "I can't wait to see Nana and Grandpa again. I wonder how many times she's shot him since this began."

"Probably to many to cut," Emily said with a snort before she looked at her husband. "Come on. Let's go relived Ellie and Glenn so they can get their stuff, then you can help me clean up."


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